Thursday, February 5, 2009

Caesastone Joins in on Recycled Materials

Recently we posted about the new products available from Zodiaq by Dupont. It would appear that when we stated that Zodiaq was the only company providing quartz products with recycled content. We now stand corrected. On January the 19th Ceasarstone announced their collection of 6 different colors offering recyled content. Consumers and commercial designers will now have these colors to choose from:

Carbone, Marrone, Ruby Reflections, Quartz Reflections, Smoky Ash and Chocolate Truffle.

As stated in the Caesarstone Press Release:

Ruby and Quartz Reflections have been two of CaesarStone’s colors for the past several years. The colors contain post-consumer recycled glass.

Carbone and Marrone colors both contain recycled CaesarStone material. These wondrous colors are created by taking remnants from fabricators after production and mixing in new CaesarStone material. These two shades are only available in New York, the Northwest or by special order.

The two new additions in 2009 to the Recycled Collection are Chocolate Truffle and Smoky Ash. They are both comprised of post-consumer recycled glass.

We will look forward to further details from Caesarstone regarding the quantities of recycled content and how the material will help organizations meet their LEED objectives.

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