Sunday, February 8, 2009

a HOT ITALIAN in Sacramento

Countertop Specialists is excited to have the opportunity to work on the highly anticipated HOT ITALIAN restaurant located at the old Youngs Fireside building at 16th and O streets in Sacramento. Our portion of the project is nearly completed. Countertop Specialists is fabricating and installing all of the Paperstone used in the restaurant. Paperstone is being utilized throughout the restaruant as wall bars, seating, tables, fixtures, and countertops.

The restaurant has not yet opened and has been the subject of much press and industry attention. With posts on regional blogs and Sacramento area papers, the restaurant has also already hosted a myrid of events for area associations: the The Sacramento Branch of the Northern California Chapter of the United States Green Building Councel (USGBC-NCC), the Central Valley American Institute of Architects (AIA), and the BIA of Central California. All of these orginizations regarded as the the captians of their industries have turned their collective attention towards this project.

So why has this restaruant garnered such attention? HOT ITALIAN will be the first resaturant in the Greater Sacramento area to receive a LEED certification from the USGBC. The restaurant is also a participant in a pilot program for the USGBC. That means that not only is the restaurant being built to the highest of environmental standards, but is also participating in establishing the benchmark that future resaurants will be measured. However, it does not stop there. The restauranteurs have already begun installing equipment for food composting, a program not promoted by the LEED program.

It should also be said that in my personal attendance to the events hosted at HOT ITALIAN, their pizza lives up to its name well. While I am not a food critic, the pizza served up by Fabrizio, the chef imported from the Italian Riviera, is unmatched by any pizza I have ever tasted. Look for more infomation in the press and our website as the restaurant opens shortly.

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