Tuesday, February 10, 2009

RJ Walter Homes acknowleged for Greenest house

It appears that more people are catching on to the significance of the achivement of RJ Walter Homes who was recently awarded "Green House of the Year" by Green Builder Magazine. We had mentioned this here previously. Yesterday KCRA interviewed Gai Kirkegaard at the site of the home which was recently sold after a series of events hosted by SMUD.

The Mormon Street project was only the second home built in the state to achive the Platinum Certification from the USGBC. The project was a partnership between RJ Walter Homes, SMUD, and a variety of participating manufacturers and contractors, in order to build a home that was effienet as well as provided for mdern conveneince and aestetic. Countertop Specialists was proud to be amongts the many partners on the project. Countertop Specialists was able to garner the interest of manufacturers Paperstone and Vetrazzo to contribute steeply discounted materials for the project. Paperstone was utilized in the kitchen, laundry, and master bath areas while the Vetrazzo product was used on the island in the kitchen as well as the fireplace surround. The Vetrazzo island was repeatedly identified as on of the more stunning design features of the home.

The RJ Walter Homes Project featured a myriad of innovative products and construction methods that soon likely find their way into other homes seeking to achive similar energy costs savings and decreased impace on the environment.

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